Water & Wind

Collection by Celin May

Every aspect of life seems fluid, slipping through our fingers and impossible to hold onto. We see the glare of the sun in front of our eyes, feel the rush of the wind through our hair, or notice the sensation of water on our skin. But the moment we pay attention to it in the present, it has already become a memory of the past.

We cannot seem to escape the journey that lies before us, while its destination remains a mystery to us. Blinded by the agony of uncertainty, we try to escape the inevitable. Some of us grow stronger, others disappear with the light, wind and waves around us.

“Water & Wind” is a collection of photographs combining the elements of water, wind and sunlight with the overarching pain of identity disappearing over time. What was is unknown, as is what will be.

Each photograph contains an element of wind, sun or water. The photos are enriched by details such as shadows, interesting framing, the model's expression in the photograph or simply the opposite, which hides certain aspects of the photographs and leaves the viewer free to interpret.