Art and Artists first

We felt the need for a new type of gallery, where we showcase the collections of artists while being financially transparent. At Tones we are honoured and proud to represent these Artists and their Art.

  • Artists first

    Transparent, honest and honoured to represent.
    We felt the need for a new type of gallery. One where we honour and showcase the collections of artists while being financially transparent. We show per piece how much the artist will earn, what production costs are and the cut we take to keep our heads afloat.

  • Act with integrity

    We support, push and create space for artists.
    Tones will provide a space for each artist to showcase their collection of art. We try to support them through financial hard times and even push them to the next level by financing a new collection.

    All prices are determined by the artists themselves with our support.

  • Museum quality standards

    Quality is never the question, art is priceless and is here to last.

    We believe in these emerging artists and no matter where the future takes them, we take them and their art seriously. To make sure of this we only sell museum quality prints and to withstands time, additionally this will make your house look like a gallery.

More towards the artists

Our goal is to cut our percentage down as much as possible, to make sure the biggest cut will go to the emerging artists who needs it the most. This timeline will track how we reduced our cut over time.

Within the industry normally the artists will get a 40% and up to 70% cut, with the latter being fairly unique. 70% is where we start and our goal is to increase this even further by finding the right balance between scale (artists and sales) and quality assurance.

  • Production costs

    The costs depend on the size of the artwork and the framing. As each ratio is different the prices for production slightly vary. For simplicity these are the production costs incl. shipping and tax. for the different sizes:

    Starter = €35,46
    Standard = €46,61
    Premium = €74,91
    Collector = €137,94

  • Cut

    We allow each artists to determine the price for each size of their artworks to allow them to define their worth. 70% of the total price - costs is for the artists.

    As an example:
    A 20 cm x 30 cm (starter) print will be sold for €75.
    From that €75 we need to deduct the costs for production (€35,46). That equals to €39,54, the artist gets 70%. For one print of €75 the artist earns €28,37.