Museum-quality paper

Photographer Chris Konig inspecting his fine art print

The prints

Every art piece at Tones deserves nothing but the best, so we opted for the best paper in the industry. We believe fine art prints should be on high quality archival paper, meant to last and meant to bring out the best in each and every art piece.

Fine art paper 

With many kinds of paper available and a host of different finishes, we chose for the paper that was the most versatile and yet the most suitable for our artists and their works without compromising. Combine this with the need to preserve the artwork in the best way to stand the test of time and the brand choice was obvious. Hahnemühle is world renowned for providing high quality paper used both in museums and by many famous photographers. For fine art prints we needed fine art photo paper, that is optimised for high quality photographs.

Fine art prints at its best

Black and white print on fine art print by Tom Kluyver

Hahnemühle 308

As every artist is different and the entire spectrum of colours and tones will be printed on one type of paper we decided to use Hahnemuhle 308. It is one of the most popular papers used in the world of fine art printing. The white cotton paper, with its characteristic wonderfully soft feel, boasts a lightly defined texture, lending each artwork a three-dimensional appearance and impressive pictorial depth. The texture is ideally suited to receiving inks and pigments and allowing them to adhere well. Additionally the paper is acid-free, meaning the ink and paper will be able to stand up better to the test of time.

  • Matt effect and slight texture of fine art paper

    The artworks are printed using a matt, premium inkjet coating. The coating does not have any reflective qualities by itself and therefore the reflectiveness highly depends on the paper used. 

  • black and white print on Fine art paper

    Combined, the printing technique and our paper produce outstanding prints that feature brilliant colours, deep blacks, striking contrasts and a perfect reproduction of detail.

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