Custom-built floater frames

The Frame

We offer the option to include a custom built floater frame with every art piece you buy. Our frames are custom made for your work of choice in the Netherlands.

A floater frame can be identified by the small gap between the image and the solid wood frame, this creates the impression of a levitating picture. The picture is permanently mounted on the inside of the frame without the connection being visible from the front.

  • A small gap

    The gap between the frame and the picture is about 5mm. The gap continues to beyond the back of the picture.

  • Levitating effect

    The small gap is what gives the artwork the effect of seemingly floating in the frame.

  • Consistent

    The thickness of the wood and gap are consistent no matter the size of the frame. Giving a uniform appearance.

Delivered ready to hang

The back of the frame has a latch that allows it to be hung on nails, specific picture frame hanging hooks and more. This latch is firmly attached to the frame to make sure the frame will hang securely for years to come. 

Durable and easy to handle

Our floater frames are made by craftsman of high quality materials. The final frame is about 3cm thick and very durable. The shape of the frame and the slightly protruding edge allows easy handling while hanging or moving your art piece.
Available in three different colours: white, black and natural wood.

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