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What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

A certificate of authenticity is a document guaranteeing the authenticity of an artwork. It confirms that the artwork has been created by the artist associated with it.

In art, a certificate of authenticity tells you who the artist is, the process used to create the print, the material it’s printed on, whether it’s a limited edition or not, etc.

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How Tones commits to genuine artistry

Our certificates of authenticity are printed on Hahnemühle paper that has security features specifically designed for Certificates of Authenticity. This way the certificate will last as long as the artwork itself.

All certificates are signed and stamped by us at Tones, as well as signed by the artist. They also include a serialised numbered hologram, which matches a second hologram on the back of your fine art print, to uniquely tie the certificate and art piece together.

If you acquire a framed print from Tones, then the second hologram is attached to the frame.

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