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Celin May is a photographer, content creator and emerging AR designer from Austria. Her artistic journey is marked by a profound connection with photography as a means of self-expression. At the centre of her journey is a deep connection with photography as a medium for self-expression, capturing the essence and depth of life. For her, photography extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's about revealing the many facets of existence.

While her professional portfolio showcases several years of experience specialising in fashion and lifestyle photography, Celin's true passion lies in the limitless creative potential of the art form. As an artist, she views the world through a unique and imaginative lens, constantly seeking new ways to bring her vision to life.

Celin's affinity for photography dates back to her formative years. An early passion for capturing moments and creating visual narratives led her and her sister to stage photo shoots, experiment with different outfits and create short fashion films. In essence, she grew up with a camera as her constant companion. After completing her formal education, however, she took the path of studying International Business, a journey that, while fulfilling, left her with an unshakable sense of something missing. That void, it turned out, was her long-silent creative side.

Fortunately, Celin found her way back to her true passion - the world of artistic expression. Now a professional freelance photographer, content creator and AR designer, she skillfully combines her creativity with a commitment to capturing and sharing the beauty and depth of life through her lens.

With a unique perspective and a penchant for pushing boundaries, she continues to forge a path that merges the worlds of photography, videography and augmented reality to create striking, immersive experiences that resonate with audiences around the globe.


Celin May

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