Collection by Celin May

It is said that every day brings new opportunities to start a new journey, to change and to live life to the utmost. With these thoughts in the back of our minds, we wake up each day, guided by the sunlight, with a mission to make the most of the short time we have been given. But as soon as the sun rises, it seems to disappear.

Every day we can watch the sun quietly disappear into the horizon, taking away all those opportunities and leaving us desperate, wondering what we have done. But as night falls over us, as we close our eyes, we seem to forget this burden that has been placed on our shoulders. We fade away into our dreams, our second reality, which we will have lost by the next sunrise.

The photographs in this collection tell the story from the hope of sunrise to the overarching pain of identity that fades with time as the day moves towards sunset. Each photograph embodies an element of sun as the connecting piece and the symbol of hope as well as desperation.

While some photos were taken during early morning hours, others were captured during the day or towards the night leaving the viewer with a feeling of sentiment and melancholy.