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Andreas Ortner



Limited Edition Print: 23 out of 25 available

The artwork Riss was shot in the Austrian alps at an altitude of 3600 meters.

When I look at the snow, at this altitude, and feel my skin react to it as the wind exposes more cold air to my skin, cooled as it flew over the snow, I respect the place that was given to me as home.

Print Sizing explained

We include a 5cm paper border if you buy an unframed art piece. That way you can choose how to trim and frame the piece yourself.

Starter — Image Size: 22 x 27,5 cm; Paper Size: 32 x 37,5 cm
Standard — Image Size: 29 x 36 cm; Paper Size: 39 x 46 cm
Premium — Image Size: 44 x 55 cm; Paper Size: 54 x 55 cm
Collector — Image Size: 65,5 x 82 cm; Paper Size: 75,5 x 92 cm

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Your purchase directly supports the photographer, Andreas Ortner

With Tones Gallery, you're not just acquiring art; you're investing in authenticity and supporting emerging photographers. 70% of the gross profit of every sale goes to Andreas Ortner. One of the highest rates in the industry, that's how Tones helps artists do what they do best.
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  • Andreas Ortner

    Andreas C. Ortner, born and raised in Innsbruck, Austria has worked in the fashion industry for over twenty years. He began working as a photographer in 2005, after he bought his first camera, an analogue Pentax, at a flea market in Brooklyn, New York. Analogue photography requires photo...

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    At Tones 70% of the gross profit goes directly to the artist. One of the highest commisions in the industry. On top of that we allow all of our artists to choose their own prices.

    That's how we ensure the artists on the gallery get to do what they do best, make art. We'll worry about everything else.

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