Collection: Mathieu Puga

Born in southern France. Mathieu grew up under the care of his grandmother. Having a challenging childhood, he didn’t flourish until he came in touch with cinema in college. After 3 years of college and producing his first short movie in 2007, he had to stop this career path due to private issues. He ended up working in real estate for the next 10 years.

Only then he came in touch with photography after he was gifted a camera. A passion was born. He experimented with streetlife and portrait photography and quickly improved. He quit his real estate job in 2018. “Being a photographer is not only a job, for me it’s therapy. I need it to express what I have deep down, sometimes even when I don't think I do.” He continues to push himself and his style keeps evolving as he is his own biggest critic, even though he has, among others, already been featured in famous magazines.


Mathieu Puga

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