Hills of Venus

Collection by Ruslan Bolgov

For millennia, artisans have been captivated by the feminine form. The gentle arch of a spine, the tender slope of a shoulder, the enigmatic allure of the eyes - all have been immortalized in marble and on canvas, narrating tales of beauty that transcend time and culture.

The feminine silhouette weaves its timeless thread. Today, these eternal whispers find their voice in monochromatic frames, where light and shadow dance intimately across the female form, revealing a slight hint of the form that remains unseen.

Allowing each viewer to creatively paint in the invisible. The raw essence of the skin, captured by Ruslan in black and white, highlights the forms that are unique to one's body, yet we are all familiar with.

In this collection, we journey beyond mere representation, delving into shapes as can only be perceived with the play of light that Ruslan masters. Here is his way of celebrating the power and timeless beauty of the female form in an anonymous way.

Anonymity was chosen to showcase that the beauty of women has no, and should not, have a particular face.  As if the female body does not just exist; it sings, it speaks, it resonates with the echoes of ages of the past and the promise of ages yet to come.