Empowering emerging photographers

More towards the artists

We're proud to say that 70% of the gross profits from every sale go directly to the photographer - placing us at the forefront of the industry in terms of artist compensation.

This generous model is part of our ongoing mission to support photographers’ financial well-being, helping them to continue their passion for creating art. As we grow, our aim is to increase this share even further.

Within the industry a photographer normally receives a commission
of between 40% and up to 70%, with the latter being fairly unique.

To maintain high quality art, we go through a meticulous selection process. All our photographers have been published, won prizes, had exhibitions or sold art before. We are dedicated to offering you art that's inspiring and distinguished.

Pricing transparency is key

Understanding the economics behind each piece of art is important for both buyers and photographers. We’re happy to provide clear insights into production costs and earnings, upholding an open and honest relationship with you. 


We allow each photographer to determine the price for each size of their artworks, so they can define their worth.

What are the production costs?

The production costs depend on the size of the artwork and the framing. As each work has a different aspect-ratio, production costs vary slightly. For simplicity, we will show the production costs for one aspect ratio below. These are the production costs incl. shipping and tax for the different sizes:

Starter = €35,46

Standard = €46,61

Premium = €74,91

Collector = €137,94

Photographers' earnings

70% of the selling price minus production costs goes to the photographer.


Say a 20 cm x 30 cm (starter) print is sold for €75.

From that €75 we need to deduct the production and shipping costs (€35,46). That equals to €39,54, of which the artist receives 70%. For one print of €75, the artist earns €27,68.

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