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Markus van Hauten

Rolling Hills

Rolling Hills

Limited Edition Print: 23 out of 25 available

The artwork Rolling hills was created by Markus van Hauten to show the exquisite beauty of this man-made landscape, showing soft rolling hills and a lone groups of cypresses on top. It was created using a full frame camera in 2017.

Print Sizing explained

We include a 5cm paper border if you buy an unframed art piece. That way you can choose how to trim and frame the piece yourself.

Starter — Image Size: 18 x 32 cm; Paper Size: 28 x 42 cm
Standard — Image Size: 24 x 43 cm; Paper Size: 34 x 53 cm
Premium — Image Size: 36 x 64 cm; Paper Size: 46 x 74 cm
Collector — Image Size: 55 x 98 cm; Paper Size: 65 x 108 cm

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70% of the gross profit of every sale goes to Markus van Hauten. One of the highest rates in the industry, that's how Tones helps artists do what they do best.
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Customer testimonials

  • Markus van Hauten

    Markus is a self-taught landscape photographer from Germany. He lives near the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. Landscape photography has been a big part of his life since 2014. In 2016 he won a category in Sony World Photography Awards with one of his Icelandic pictures. Since 2015 he...
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    At Tones 70% of the gross profit goes directly to the artist. One of the highest commisions in the industry. On top of that we allow all of our artists to choose their own prices.

    That's how we ensure the artists on the gallery get to do what they do best, make art. We'll worry about everything else.

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