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Rebekka Eliza is a Dutch fashion photographer based on Ibiza.

She shoots editorials, beauty and advertising campaigns for ISSUE, Elle, L’Official and more. Before she fell under the spell of fashion photography, she worked as a designer. It all changed when one day she rented a camera and asked a friend to model for her to shoot some of her own designs.

From that moment on, she knew that photography was her true passion—a form of intuitive expression that brings her fulfilment, drive and endless inspiration. Rebekka draws inspiration from her surroundings, finding beauty and strength in women and nature.

With a deep connection to Parisian brands that embody sensuality and elegance, she aims to reflect the beauty and strength of women through her photography.

Rebekka is driven by feminine beauty and strength and the desire to contribute to a more balanced, peaceful, and grounded world.


Rebekka Eliza

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