Real and Unreal

Collection by Hui Long

This research project delves into the complex landscape of Chinese film and television, examining recent trends in the emergence of female-centric themes in these media. Through surveys and in-depth interviews with audiences and scriptwriters, the researchers aimed to understand the motivations behind this trend and its impact on society in many ways.

The findings suggest that the increase in female representation in Chinese film and television represents a positive step towards recognising and valuing the presence and economic power of women.

However, the study also highlights the risk of viewers becoming obsessed with stereotypical images of women presented by the media, without realising the ways in which the media influences their perceptions and beliefs.

The project provides a thought-provoking examination of the role of the media in shaping cultural norms and values, and highlights the need to raise awareness and critically engage with the content we consume.

Through this study, Hui Long offers an insightful critique of the current state of film and television in China and invites us to consider how these media can be used to challenge and change social norms and expectations.