Collection: Marco Maljaars

Marco Maljaars (1975) lives in Velsen. He is a self-taught photographer. In his teenage years, he started out with analog photography and started experimenting with slow shutter speeds. Nowadays the analog equipment has been traded in for a digital camera, but he still uses slow shutter speeds to highlight his subjects. Marco's work has been awarded internationally in various competitions. Marco can be found a lot along the Dutch coasts, but also on the IJsselmeer and Markermeer.

His main interests are seascapes and landscapes, shown using a minimalist approach and long exposure techniques. Marco's work is characterized by stillness and tranquillity. To try and recreate the atmosphere one experiences standing along the waterfront or alone in an empty field.

He also wants to show a world that is mysterious. In order to give a completely different view of the environment, it is that alienation and surrealism that Marco wants to give the viewer. As if time has stood still and we have entered another world.


Marco Maljaars

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