I Live in Another World

Collection by Hui Long

The artwork she has created is a powerful and deeply personal exploration of the impact of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and the role of societal pressure and the media in perpetuating and exacerbating the condition.

Through a series of eight layered images, the artist charts their journey from a place of deep distress to a sense of rebirth and renewal.
Each of the eight images represents a different state of mind, capturing the raw emotions and psychological states that accompany BDD.

The layering of these images speaks to the complex interplay between past and present experiences, and the way that past traumas can continue to shape and define one's present state of mind.

The use of bold and vivid colours serves to heighten the emotional intensity of the work, and underscores the artist's deeply felt desire to confront and overcome their BDD.

Through this series of images, the artist invites the viewer to share in their journey towards healing and self-acceptance, and to reflect on the broader societal forces that contribute to the persistence of BDD and other mental health issues.