Encounter Future

Collection by Yang Han

Encounter Future is based on Harraway‘s cyber-feminism theory to explores the relationship between women and technology in post-human feminism through the photography. From the natural ecological relationship between women and all living creatures to the self-exploration and self-positioning of women in the human river, and the new alliance of feminism in network technology, we have put forward new questions and thoughts on women's identity and selfidentity in the face of the development of modern network technology.

The project is a combination of fashion photography and 3D, with part of the surreal painting style to reflect the concept of the future universe. In a colorful space, people, animals, plants and all living things live in harmony. From the evolution of the ice world to the development of the modern universe and the exploration of the planets, the development of science and technology has played a very great role in the evolution of this species. Everything in the future is unknown, but peace with the world is an important proposition for us human beings.